2023 Job Titling Practices Survey Report
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The Information You Need When Titles Matter
Business leaders and human resource professionals understand that job titles may be used to reward and recognize valued executives and employees. For an understanding of the competitive practices in this area, you can turn to the Pearl Meyer Job Titling Survey Report.
This in-depth analysis of practices at 404 companies with annual revenues from under $300 million to over $10 billion across six major industries provides detailed data on:
  • The rationales for using titles
  • Different title use externally and internally
  • Titling practices for foreign operations and acquired companies
  • How new titles are communicated
  • Policies on business card use
  • Hot topics in job titling practices

Executive Titles:
  • Typical executive titles from direct reports down to five levels below the CEO
  • Criteria used for assigning executive titles
Employee Titles:
  • Typical titles for the highest level of line management and the highest level of technical employees