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Our compensation and salary surveys provide the only data resource needed to establish and manage your employee pay and reward strategy.

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Pearl Meyer offers compensation, HR, trends and salary surveys covering your organization's unique industry and employee population segments. Each survey provides the most comprehensive perspective on total compensation and/or practices for the broadest groups of positions available. Our surveys, available for purchase, are grouped into five categories: Executive Compensation, Director Compensation, Industry-Specific, Broad-Based Compensation and Compensation Trends. These surveys give you data resources you need to establish and manage your executive and employee pay and reward strategy.

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Pearl Meyer is the leading advisor to boards and senior management helping organizations build, develop, and reward great leadership teams that drive long-term success. Our strategy-driven compensation and leadership consulting services act as powerful catalysts for value creation and competitive advantage by addressing the critical links between people and outcomes.  Our survey team provides organizations with accurate, on-point information supporting effective business decisions. Our clients stand at the forefront of their industries and range from emerging high-growth, not-for-profit, and private organizations to the Fortune 500.