2020 CHiPS One World Compensation Survey
2020 CHiPS One World Report Cover
Our Price: $4,450.00

Product Code: SUR-CHIPSONE20

Pearl Meyer's CHiPS One World Survey provides both U.S. and global compensation information for over 2,100 positions in 219 companies and more than 50 countries. All elements of the employee pay package are collected and reported giving you the information needed to analyze your competitive position and compensation mix from a total compensation perspective.

Purchase of the 2020 CHiPS One World Compensation Survey requires a 1-year commitment to participate in, and purchase the 2021 survey. Your organization agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of membership, including submission of required data and payment of the 2021 survey fee in the amount of $3,950. Following your purchase of the 2020 CHiPS One World Compensation Survey, you will be contacted by a Survey Account Manager who will provide you with the report, answer any questions you may have and share key information regarding the 2020 Survey results.

If you have any questions prior to purchasing the data, please contact us at survey@pearlmeyer.com.